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• Ideal for Industrial Modeling and Parts Prototyping 
• Fast Cooling, Low-Temp Nylon Designed to Extrude at ~230ºC
• Semi-Flexible Filament Produces Results Similar to an Injection Molded Part
• Durable & Impact Resistant with High Thermal Durability
• Pre-Lubricated Filament using Exclusive Lubricity™ Technology
• Odor-free

• Next Generation Biopolymer PLA, Ideal Material To Replace ABS
• Perfect for Schools, Universities, Home Hobbyists, and General 3D Printing
• Pre-Lubricated, Low-Temp PLA-N Designed to Extrude at ~220ºC
• Consistent diameter, extremely round, and reduced breakage for longer printing performance


• Ideal Material To Replace ABS with Print Speeds Like PLA
• Fast Cooling, Low-Temp PETG Designed to Extrude at ~230ºC
• Printed Filament Yields a Rigid, High-Tensile Usable Part
• Odorless Printing with Crystal Transparency and No Warping
• Can Be Used For FDA and Other Clinical Uses
• Odor-free

• Elastomer with Rubber-Like Flexibility
• Impact Resistant, Elastic Properties
• Abrasion Resistant
• Durometer: 90 (shore A)

• High Strength Thermoplastic
• Durable, with Great Dimensional Stability
 Solid, Rigid Prints
• High Temperature Resistance

• Uv-Resistant Polymer
• Weather-Resistant, Great for Outdoor Use
• Low-Gloss, Matte Finish