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Q - What is a PLA blend?
A - Our PLA blend contains USA sourced PLA plus another USA sourced biopolymer to reduce breakage and enhance usability. It also contains a proprietary lubricant to keep the material from breaking.

Q- What other 3D materials are your planning to manufacture?
A - Filkemp is a leading monofilament producer of nylon and polyester products. They plan a wide variety of new products in the coming months and years. 

Q- Do you offer lengths other than 1kg?
A- We currently only stock 1kg spools. We will make 5 lb and 10 lb spools as a special order. Please contact our sales department. 

Q- Who is Filament Express again?
A - Filament Express is owned by Wire and Cable Specialties, Inc. (WCS) WCS has a 39 year history of manufacturing and distributing wire and has distributed monofilament globally for over a decade. WCS has entered into an agreement to distribute 3D Filkemp Print Master Pro filament in the America's. Filkemp will handle Europe, Asia and Africa.

Q - Can I purchase 3D Filkemp filaments just from Filament Express or Filkemp?
A - No, Filament Express and Filkemp are looking for a global network of distributors and dealers. Please contact us if interested.

Q- Are you planning to add more colors?
A - Yes, We are planning on adding colors, materials, etc. Filkemp makes hundreds of colors for other industries.

Q- When will more materials be offered?
A- Filkemp is working on them currently. Quality 3D printing materials takes time and effort to properly engineer. Filkemp has an engineering team devoted to 3D printing.

Q- Do I need to order on your website?
A - No, WCS has a full time sales and customer service staff available M-F 8AM-5PM (EST USA). We regularly setup wholesale accounts for distributors, dealers, volume users and educational accounts.  

Q- When will my order ship?
A- WCS maintains stock of all items offered for sale. We try to ship in less than 2 business days.  

Q- Where do we ship from?
A- WCS operates a large modern warehouse outside of Philadelphia PA