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PLA Blend
Material (Blend of the following)
USA Sourced Sustainable PLA Biopolymer
USA Sourced Sustainable Advanced Biopolymer
Advanced Lubricant uniformly distributed within the PLA Blend

Available Diameters 
1.75 mm +/- .05 mm
2.85 mm +/- .14 mm

Extrusion Temperature
Recommended Extruder Temperature Range lies between 200˚c - 250˚c (depending on speed and machine)

Fan cooling is recommended. An external fan should be used in the build area if not part of your 3D printer.  

Adhesion to Heated Build Plate
Yes. Works well on a 65˚c heated glass base.

Adhesion to Unheated Build Plate
Yes. Use a high grip blue painter's tape at room temperature.

The components of the product are considered biodegradable. Large objects will take longer periods to biodegrade.